What is Frontier Health?

A DPC and CASH centric insurance program for self insured employers

What are the components?

Frontier Direct Care

Can handle 80% lifetime needs
No wait times, no co-pays, no deductibles
Custom brick and mortar locations
Dedicated primary care provider (PCP)
Unlimited access to your PCP
1,000 prescription included with Frontier Rx

Frontier Direct Pay

Can handle 15% of lifetime healthcare needs
100% transparent pricing on all referrals
Concierge navigation & negotiation
Nationwide network
Direct contracts with specialists & hospitals
Contracted cancer solutions
50% reduction in specialty spend

Frontier Admin

Fully integrated TPA & PBM with live claims reporting
Full fiduciary & regulatory compliance
International sourcing & NO rebate games

Frontier Insurance

Powered by Stealth/Amwins with 15% decrease on reinsurance premium
Frontier shares in risk with employer
Guarantee on savings up to $5 million

Frontier Tech

Proprietary platform with real time data, ROI reporting, & live dashboards
Easy to use mobile app for all member needs
All data tracked & reportable to all parties & vendors in real time

How is it different?

Frontier shares in the risk with employer. When employers spend more, Frontier loses money. When employers save money, Frontier makes money.
Frontier Health looks and feels the same as the BUCA but yields different results for everyone involved.
Employee & Family
  • Affordable, accessible & enjoyable Employer
  • Affordable & easy to purchase Broker
  • Profitable & easy to sell Frontier & its partners
  • Profitable & achieves the mission
Traditional Healthcare Frontier Health
Administrative Time 🤦‍♀️ Cut by 75%
Appointment Availability 3 weeks Same or next day
Clinic Wait Times 3 hours < 2 minutes
Duration of Visit 7 - 11 minutes 30 - 60 minutes
Office Co-pay $35 - $100 $0
Lab Results Delivery Time 5 - 7 days 2 days
Average Medication Cost $30 (with co-pay) 1,000 for free (With Frontier Rx)
ER & Urgent Care Up to $5,000+ Per Claim 50% Reduction in ER/UC Visits
Net Promoter Score (NPS) -3 (United Health Care) 94
Frontier Rx Free
Concierge Referrals

Average 25%-30% savings for the employer

How does it work?

By make Frontier Direct Care  the front door of your employee’s healthcare experience, it will result in reduced cost, improved outcomes, and enhanced experiences.

Member Journey

Claims Journey

What are the results?

FDC and FDP can handle 95% of your lifetime healthcare needs without ever engaging with a network.
Average 25% - 30% savings, and we will guarantee those savings up to $5 million
Frontier shares in the risk with you.
When you spend more, Frontier loses money.
When you save money, Frontier makes money.
Reduction in Annual Spend
NPS Score
ER Reduction
Average Year 1 Utilization
Decreased Cost
Reduce unnecessary ER visits & hospital admissions
Direct contract with: labs, imaging, ancillary services, specialist, hospitals and cancer care
Frontier RX = 1000 free prescriptions
50% decrease in specialist spend
Increased Quality
Single point of advocacy
Bilingual care team
No surprise bills
94 NPS score
Simplify budgeting & cost forecasting with transparent, predictable monthly fees
Facilitate easier claims processing
Increased Access
Unlimited access to your provider
Earlier identification & treatment
Personalized care plans leading to improved employee health
Care barriers removed
Improved Rx adherence

How does it save money?

5 Year Projected Cumulative Savings

27% - $30,000,00

*Net Savings is subject to change based on accurate data being provided. Based on 2,500 Employee Group

Average Savings:

25% - 30%


Up to $5M

Cost Breakdown

25% - 30% Average Annual Savings

Frontier Tech

What are the features?

Proprietary platform with real time data, ROI reporting, referral tracking & live dashboards
Easy to use mobile app and portals for employer, employees, & health plan administrators
All data is tracked & reportable to all parties & vendors in real-time
Powerful Data analytics:
   ○ Population health & risk factor analysis
   ○ Utilization reporting
   ○ Patient demographic reporting & eligibility management
   ○ Chronic disease management reporting
   ○ Referral tracking/prior authorization
   ○ Billing reporting
   ○ Customer service ticketing
   ○ Member satisfaction reporting (NPS)

How much does it cost?


What are the results?

Transparency into cost and performance - everything is available to & nothing is hidden from health plan administrators
Industry leading patient satisfaction, resulting in a 94 NPS
Patients engage with their provider & get healthier which drives down overall health plan costs

Typical Patient Journey

1. Proactive Outreach by FDC: FDC reaches out via email/voice/text to educate & engage each patient.

2. Schedule an Appointment: Patient uses mobile/web-enabled device to schedule & communicate with FDC.

3. Continued Education & Engagement: Patient is prompted to submit health information to drive personal health plans & receives continued digital education on how to utilize FDC membership.

4. Complete First Appointment: Patient completes first appointment & has an ongoing relationship with their FDC provider.

Pricing & Options

Virtual Bolt-On Replacement
Virtual OnlyWorks with your existing health planCan replace multiple aspects of your existing health plan
24/7 virtual careYesYesYes
Same/Next day visitsYesYesYes
1,000+ prescriptionsYesYesYes
Concierge care navigationYesYesYes
24/7 in-person careYesYes
No deductible or copayYesYes
Dedicated account repYesYes
Savings guarantee$1M$5M
Labs and imagingYes
Mental HealthYes
Occupational HealthYes
Stackable health planTPA
Stop loss
PBM International drug sourcing

$150/employee & spouse/children

$225/employee & family
Custom Pricing

See how Frontier reduced this employer's health plan cost by 25%

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